Only the Strongest Shall Survive

One incredible perk about being a freelance artist is the ability to work from anywhere. It is amazing waking up in a new city, fresh and ready to take on a day of exploration, edits and a session or two. It's wonderful to be able to meet new people all over the world, and to experience other cultures and subcultures. 

But it's one of the hardest things a person can do to himself/herself. Working alone on the road becomes difficult when you haven't seen your friends and family on a weekly basis. Working from airplanes, trains, hotel lobbies and coffee shops is a discipline that doesn't come easy. 

All this being said, as a freelancer who travels quote often-- this element of the job changes you. It pushes you to be stronger professionally, personally and artistically. And if there is one thing I can tell you after five years of this freelance life: only the strongest shall survive and thrive. 

Oh, and I am also creating a collection of hotel robes; here's one from the Kimpton Goodland in Goleta, CA.

Suzi JacobsComment