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Hi, I’m Suzi— a wedding photographer based out of Palm Springs, California with a passion for capturing the effortless, candid moments of real couples.

I fell in love with photography as an eleven year old, thumbing through the pages of LIFE magazine and imagining I was a photojournalist on the ground during the Vietnam War, giving my all to be with those soldiers and capture their reality; or I was with President Carter with his family in the White House, learning about his values and dedication to family; or sometimes out in the 1970 streets of Manhattan, capturing the latest women’s styles.

Collecting old magazines provided me with a perspective I couldn’t imagine finding anywhere else and formed my love for those authentic moments that so often slip through our fingers. In 2009, I took this love and began photographing weddings.

In my opinion, every wedding day is different— and entirely dependent on each couple, their unique personalities and expressions of joy and love.

As your wedding photographer, it is my job to be an advocate for your vision and your wedding day. I am here to collaborate with you, in hopes of making your day even fuller than you had imagined.

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